Why Bee Sweet

A Growing Commitment

A company like Bee Sweet is only as strong as its growers. Fortunately, our growers share Bee Sweet’s philosophy and dedication to high quality standards.

That unity, along with a shared commitment to proven, productive farming practices, creates fruit of unsurpassed excellence and unparalleled quality – which is why we consider our growers to be among our most valued assets.

Bee Sweet’s commitment to providing the finest, freshest, best-tasting citrus in California is our promise to you. Allow our team to work for yours, and enjoy the results for yourself!

Bee Sweet Citrus is California Grown

Bee Sweet Citrus grows over 60% of the citrus it packs, with the remaining 40% grown by local farmers. Our affiliates work closely with the Bee Sweet Farm & Field Team, ensuring that they share the same philosophies we do.

Our focus is always on citrus.

Unlike other packing houses, Bee Sweet focuses on citrus all year long. We grow, pick, pack and ship fresh citrus year-round; striving to always supply our consumers with the freshest citrus available.

We’re friendly to the environment.

We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in every step of the growing, picking and packing process of our fresh citrus. In all of our groves, we utilize the most efficient irrigation methods to achieve maximum water conservation; we also work to maintain and run a fleet of the most efficient tractors and semis. We pack in 100% recycling material and use skylights and VFDs to conserve electricity and minimize our environmental footprint.

Safety is just as important as tasty.

At Bee Sweet we believe that food safety is a top priority. Both our groves and our state-of-the-art packing facility undergo annual food safety audits where we strive to not only meet but exceed standards in food safety. Not only do we deliver the freshest and tastiest citrus, but the safest as well.