From exotic Cara Caras to delicious Blood Oranges, Bee Sweet Citrus has everything you need to transform an ordinary meal to something extraordinary! With unique flavors and a plethora of health benefits, specialty citrus can be eaten alone, tossed in a salad or used in desserts.

Blood Oranges

Popular for their deep red-orange interior and berry-like flavor, Blood Oranges are easily spotted with their blushed rind. Commonly used for desserts and cocktails, Blood Oranges are sought out by many while in season!

  • Excellent source of vitamin B9, which has been known to aid red blood cell formation
  • Natural source of anthocyanincs, (compounds known to combat heart disease)
  • Delicious taste, with berry-like overtones

Cara Cara Pink Navel Oranges

Often referred to as the “Pink Navel,” Cara Caras are popular amongst foodies everywhere! Its beautiful pink flesh and sweet flavor make it a great addition to salads or a stand-alone snack.

  • Excellent source of soluble fiber
  • Great source of potassium, which has been shown to promote heart health

Minneola Tangelos

A cross between a mandarin and a pommelo, Minneola Tangelos are exceptionally delicious and a must-have for the season!

  • Sweet, tangy & exotic flavor
  • Seedless
  • Easy-to-peel