From exotic Cara Caras to delicious Blood Oranges, Bee Sweet Citrus has everything you need to transform an ordinary meal to something extraordinary! With unique flavors and a plethora of health benefits, specialty citrus can be eaten alone, tossed in a salad or used in desserts.

Blood Orange

Popular for their deep red-orange interior and berry-like flavor, Blood Oranges are easily spotted with their blushed rind. Commonly used for desserts and cocktails, Blood Oranges are sought out by many while in season!

  • Excellent source of vitamin B9, which has been known to aid red blood cell formation
  • Natural source of anthocyanincs, (compounds known to combat heart disease)
  • Delicious taste, with berry-like overtones

Cara Cara

Often referred to as the “Pink Navel,” Cara Caras are popular amongst foodies everywhere! Its beautiful pink flesh and sweet flavor make it a great addition to salads or a stand-alone snack.

  • Excellent source of soluble fiber
  • Great source of potassium, which has been shown to promote heart health

Gold Nugget

Memorable for its pebbly rind, Gold Nuggets are categorized as being one of the sweetest mandarin varieties! It’s easy-to-peel, nearly seedless and packed with nutrients! What’s not to love?

  • Rich, sweet taste
  • Exceptional source of vitamin C
  • Bright orange in color

Minneola Tangelos

A cross between a mandarin and a pommelo, Minneola Tangelos are exceptionally delicious and a must-have for the season!

  • Sweet, tangy & exotic flavor
  • Seedless
  • Easy-to-peel