When Bee Sweet Citrus opened in 1987, our facility was small and simplistic, and product quality was our top priority. Now that we’ve entered our 31st year of business, many things have changed, but our attention to detail remains the same. Our goal is, and always will be, to deliver the freshest and tastiest citrus to our customers, and our facility helps to make that possible.

Located in Fowler, California, our facility sits on 36 acres of land adjacent to California Highway 99! Over 400,000 square feet, Bee Sweet Citrus has five lines and the ability to run 3,500 bins of citrus per day. Our state-of-the-art optical graders and sizers allow us to sort citrus with precision, and our laser Brix system (sugar content scale) allows us to sort citrus by sweetness!

With 10 weighers and 13 bagging machines, Bee Sweet can bag over 25,000 bags per hour, and we can accommodate to different bag, bulk and pack needs. Our 63,000-square foot storage facility allows us to keep a precise temperature while still storing approximately 280,000 cartons of citrus before it is shipped, and our GTIN (Global Traceability Identification Number) system allows us to take cartons back through the processing operation to the specific field where the fruit was grown.

Additional cutting-edge technologies and growing/packing practices that are employed daily in our operations include:

  • High-end optical grading and sizing machines
  • Ability to pack in a variety of different bags and box sizes with multiple labels
  • Advanced bagging machines that are versatile and capable of making bags in a variety of different sizes with high graphic labels
  • New automated conveyor systems used to convey boxes to a centralized location
  • Automated cold storage monitoring and control system
  • Weight-checking machines integrated into bag lines to assure correct weights of bags
  • GTIN (Global Traceability Identification Number) system used to trace specific cartons back through the processing operation and to the field.
  • Quality control equipment used to efficiently test for the minimum brix requirements and freeze damage directly in the processing line