Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bee Sweet Citrus products California Grown?

Bee Sweet’s citrus domestic season begins in October and ends in June for most varieties. During those months, you can be sure that our fruit is being harvested in California. Throughout the summer season, however, we import fruit from Chile to ensure our customers have access to fresh citrus year-round.

How do you ensure that each piece of citrus is fresh and of the highest quality?

All of our lines include state-of-the-art optical graders to ensure that each piece of fruit meets our standards in quality. Our quality control team and hand graders further inspect the fruit for defects before it’s packed and shipped to our consumers.

What does Bee Sweet Citrus do to ensure food safety?

At Bee Sweet Citrus, food safety is our top priority. Both our groves and our packing facility undergo annual third-party food safety audits where we not only meet, but exceed, standards in food safety.

By adhering to standards set by GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), we can assure our consumers that our citrus is safe for consumption. We also utilize a GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) system that allows us to trace each carton of fruit back to the grove in which it was grown.

Are your farming practices environmentally friendly?

Bee Sweet Citrus strives to be environmentally friendly at every stage of production. On our groves, we utilize efficient irrigation methods to achieve maximum water conservation and work to maintain a fleet of efficient tractors and semis. In the packing house, we utilize skylights, VFDs, and LED lighting to conserve electricity, and we’ve installed solar panels on our rooftops to help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

What should I look for when purchasing citrus?

When buying citrus, choose product that feels heavy and firm; avoid fruit that feels soft. Keep in mind that skin color is not an indicator of flavor or ripeness – oranges with greenish hues are just as flavorful as those that are bright in color.

How do I store my citrus once purchased?

Storing citrus on the counter will keep it fresh for up to one week, but storing it in the refrigerator will extend its shelf life for two to three weeks!