Bee Sweet Citrus is located in Fowler, California. The facility, which is over 400,000 square feet, sits on 36 total acres adjacent to CA Highway 99, which spans almost the entire length of the Central Valley.

Our packing facility currently has five lines and has the ability to run over 3,500 bins of citrus per day. Our state-of-the-art optical graders and sizers allow us to sort citrus with precision, and our Laser Brix system (sugar content scale) allows us to sort citrus by sweetness. With 10 weighers and 13 bagging machines, we have the ability to bag over 25,000 bags per hour. The facility also features 31 “degreening” rooms and a 63,000 square foot cold storage facility, allowing us to store over 280,000 cartons of citrus.

Bee Sweet’s shipping department ships an average of 125 trucks daily throughout the United States, and overseas through export. Our 11,000 square foot office complex is also on site and sits adjacent to our packing facility. This gives our sales team the ability to know exactly what we’re packing, the quality of our fruit and the status of our ongoing packing process at all times.