Every piece of fruit that comes through our line is inspected for quality and safety.

Consumers and retailers used to ask, “Is it tasty?” and “Is it fresh?”  Now a third question reflects a growing concern among today’s consumers and retailers: “Is it safe?”  Bee Sweet Citrus can confidently answer “yes” to all three questions.  And thanks to our certified food safety program, we have the proof to back it up.

We developed our program to assure our growers, our retailers and their customers that the citrus we pack and distribute is guaranteed safe.  Our program is at the forefront of our industry; meeting or exceeding every food safety standard.

Every piece of our fruit is tracked from the orchard to the consumer, ensuring its cleanliness at every stage of distribution.  The moment a fruit bin arrives at our receiving department, the fruit is immediately inspected and kept secure until it departs to our retailers.  Additionally, every Bee Sweet employee follows rigorous guidelines regarding clothing, jewelry and sanitation to protect our fruit from contamination.

FDA certification is the benchmark that distinguishes the safest fruit packers and shippers.  Bee Sweet Citrus has qualified for not just one, but two certifications.  The first is the Certificate of Achievement for receiving the highest rating (“superior”) from Scientific Certification Systems; our second is the Detailed Audit of Good Manufacturing Practices completed by Primus Labs.

Why go to such great lengths to self-regulate our food safety practices?  Because it gives our growers, our retailers and their customers the security of knowing our products are the best they can be.  And makes Bee Sweet Citrus among the most trusted brands in the industry.