Import and Export


Our loading docks allow for fast and efficient truck loading.

Bee Sweet Citrus prides itself on delivering our consumers, both domestic and international, the freshest and best-tasting citrus products all year long. Working day-in and day-out with our Chilean, Peruvian and Australian growers, Bee Sweet ensures the tastiest end products. Lemons, Navels, Cara Caras, Minneolas, and Mandarins are imported July through October in order to supply fresh citrus twelve months out of the year.

To meet consumer demand across the country and around the world, Bee Sweet Citrus ships our fresh oranges, lemons, grapefruit and exotics to nearly every corner of the planet. The Bee Sweet team guarantees quality and freshness with thorough packing facility inspections and 15 years of experience in import and export relations.

Travel the globe and you will find our citrus products in large retail chain stores throughout the United States as well as Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Australia