As Green as it Gets

Behind every bag of Bee Sweet’s products is a story of a farmer and his grove. It’s a story of care, thought and countless hours of planning. The plotline touches on coordination with employees, researching market trends and planning for the future; it also incorporates communication with buyers, providing for the consumer and making sure that there are enough citrus commodities to provide for future generations.

Amongst all the things listed, however, is one crucial component to this story: the environment. Without the land we use to grow our citrus, our establishment would be nonexistent. From the soil we use to grow our citrus trees, to the water we use to irrigate our fields – Bee Sweet Citrus wouldn’t be able to be California’s one-stop-shop for citrus without proper care of the land we use.

Environmental stewardship is crucial, necessary and one of Bee Sweet’s main priorities. Read about our project(s) below to gain a better understanding of how we aim to protect the land we so heavily rely on.

Saving with Solar

After collaborating with a local solar company in Fresno, Bee Sweet Citrus is happy to announce that we now have over 4.5 acres worth of solar panels on our rooftops! This 2.4 megawatt solar system will help offset electricity use for our packing and shipping operations.


Recycled Water Initiative

In lieu of California’s historic drought, the Bee Sweet Citrus team has been working diligently to come up with ways to conserve water on both our farming and packing facilities. While the most efficient irrigation methods are being used on our fields, we’ve started a brand new recycled water initiative to help conserve water usage on our facility. Through a new and efficient storage system, we are now able to collect and store water from our cold storage defroster and use it for landscaping purposes.